Andrew-TestimonialsListen to what people have to say about Andrew:

“I really enjoyed that this class was more hands-on and interactive rather than traditional lecture-based. It was a different approach than what I have become accustomed to in the MBA program, but I felt it was more beneficial because it allowed the students to apply important concepts of branding to real-life examples through presentations and case study discussions. Doing that also made the class a lot more interesting and motivated me to participate more. It was good that you took the first class to review the important concepts you wanted us to take away, and then allowed us to work on our own to apply and interpret these concepts in our own way through our analysis of the case studies and our final presentations. I was a marketing major in undergrad (I went to Bryant University) so these marketing topics are always interesting to me, but I felt you took it to the next level by allowing us to form our own analysis and opinions of these topics through having us work together and engage in constant class discussion. I wish more classes in the MBA program used your approach because it would make other subjects a lot more interesting, and motivate me more to come in on nights and weekends after work.”

– Kimberly Crepeau

“You’ve been awesome in giving a “next level” approach to brand management that I can apply on a day to day level!”

– Suneil M.

“This is one of the best classes I have ever attended due to the fact that it is more practical and has direct linkage to our day to day lives”.

– Susanto Bordoli

“Professor Blum bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world. Bringing his years of experience of working with real world clients, he teaches what companies have done in the past, are currently doing now, and what they will be doing in the future to manage their brands. He will challenge you to think outside the box and not only understand what strategic approaches companies are taking with their brands but why they are doing it. You will also learn how to identify poor branding strategies and why they don’t work. Personally, working for a Fortune 100 company, this class has helped me understand the strategy behind why my company implores the tactics that they do, why and how they position themselves in the market. If you are in marketing, sales, branding, or just have an interest in understanding the strategies that are behind why companies brand the way that they do, I highly recommend this class.”
– Sean Gagne
“Really enjoyed your class and learned some great concepts on marketing.”

– Vivek Goel

“I enrolled in the Strategic Brand Marketing course as part of the MBA program at UCONN. My experience in this course was far and above any other class in the MBA program. The curriculum designed by Andrew was comprehensive and also included case studies to apply learnings. In addition, Andrew provided a diverse set of real world examples and constructive feedback on the group coursework honing in on key concepts all the while making it a fun and collaborative environment. This class was packed with brand management principles that every marketer should know and insightful real world learnings that every MBA student must have!”

– Sam Gujral

“I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew’s class. As an engineer with 19 years of sales experience, I do not have the business school background of some of the other students. Andrew did a fantastic job of engaging the class, putting Strategic Marketing into terms that were relatable, and including real world examples of how Strategic Marketing impacts your business.”

– Doug Kafka – East Regional Government Sales Manager

“I really enjoyed, and took a lot away from this class. After learning basic branding concepts, we were able to creatively apply them into a real world based group projects. Learned a lot from both the professor and my classmates. Classes encouraged a lot of group work and informal case-work presentations, that sparked great discussions, out of the box ideas and engaging debates.”

– Whitney Ammary

“Professor Blum’s ‘Strategic Brand Management’ class helped me develop a unique and valuable perspective on line extension. The interactive group discussions on a wide variety of case studies significantly enhanced my learning experience. The team exercises were fantastic, as they gave us the autonomy to implement our newly acquired skill set to a real-world enterprise scenario.”

– Raj Shah

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